"What does Dr. Nokken do?"

That’s a good question!  What is your particular situation? 


Instead of advocating one particular approach to healing, let me answer this question by describing what I've realized to be universal among “doctors” and “treatments” and “patients”. 


Universal to any healing regime or any patient is the self-correcting, self-regulating nature of the living human body.  The self-correcting, self-regulating capacity of the living human body is the “answer” that describes how an individual heals from a cut, a cold or even surgery.  And this natural, self-correcting, self-regulating force that moves throughout our bodies functions naturally when it is relatively free from interference.


Oftentimes, the very manner by which health and healing is addressed INTERFERES with this natural life-force.  But a treatment protocol can be common sense and quite simple if it COOPERATES with the universal life-principle by which systems in nature move towards self-correction.  The self-correcting, self-regulating capacity of the body is not a problem.  And in this light, the steps taken to achieve or maintain one’s health need not be complicated, or a “problem”.


Diet, exercise, personal, interpersonal or trans-personal counseling approaches, over-dependence on technological devices, “scientific” substances or procedures and waiting for next “latest discovery” - or whatever - are the subject of countless books and endless competing philosophies regarding health and healing.  This fact is a common source of stress and confusion for people trying to get well.  It is also a source of real stress and confusion for the doctor, therapist or other health care advocate who advises others about health.  It has been a source of stress and confusion for me! 


The self-correcting and self-regulating functioning of the human body is not confused.  Treatments that are timely, safe, personalized instead of standardized (in other words, NOT an additional source of interference), can allow this self-healing force to prove itself.  


Consider the topic of diet - it's a good example of what I've been talking about so far. 


I have seen patients who are very educated and disciplined in regards to their diet continue to suffer until they “loosen up” about food and retrieve their energy and attention from obsession with food so that they can participate more fully in other aspects of their life.


On the other hand, I have seen patients who have gone through many doctors, tests, treatments, and all the emotions associated with not feeling good and trying really hard to find help who finally experience total relief after simply removing a food from their diet.


It is true that in some cases a dietary change is useful for the purpose of feeling better.  We have learned many things about the food we eat.  For sure, one’s diet could be scrutinized to an extraordinary degree.  But the food is not the point.  The individual’s “style” of relating to the whole topic of food occupies more life-energy and attention than an imperfect mouthful of lunch.


Addressing the “stylistic” tendencies we enact in relationship to our bodies and our health is valuable because it challenges us to honestly evaluate why we are doing something.  We could – like many people do - strive to attain laboratory ideals or celebrity body fat percentage ideals, or sports performance ideals and yet be completely miserable (and likely in pain) the whole time. 


So you can see how treatment recommendations might interfere with the healing experience.  That is one reason why I haven't elaborated on specific techniques and modalities in this introduction.  Each person - even if they have the same symptoms - brings very different life experiences, family histories, personal interests and willpower to every healing occasion.


I do want you to know that I am well versed in advanced systems of applied kinesiology, energy medicine philosophies, and hands-on approaches to balancing the body's structure and improving body function.  I have been exploring this realm of holistic healthcare for all of the years of my professional practice (30 years and counting!)...I will draw from all of these elements and more to consider with you the best way to preserve a high level of well being (if you are already healthy) or - if you are struggling with a health issue - the best way to start feeling better.