Visit Guidelines
Visit Guidelines

These guidelines are based on Dr. Nokken’s 30 years of studying and observing the healing cycle play out in thousands of people. 

  • Ongoing visits that occur within 21 days of each other do not require a re-evaluation of nutritional supplementation recommendations unless special circumstances arise or unless recommended by Dr. Nokken. 


  • If you wish to have Dr. Nokken test products you have discovered in your own research, or that have been recommended by another practitioner, it may require an entire 30-minute visit.  Please consider scheduling a 60-minute appointment if you would like Dr. Nokken’s perspective on these products in addition to your regular service.

  • Many people benefit from 30 minute appointments.  However, routine and habitual activity patterns acquired from “a busy and stressful life” often need real, set-aside time in order for these patterns to be understood and changed.  The longer appointment time options allow for this.

  • Consultation with Dr. Nokken is required prior to scheduling 90 or 120-minute visits. 

  • We are happy for you to take advantage of the fact that our healing environment is actually an environment for healing!