Energy medicine by Dr. Nokken

May 21, 2020


Hello Everyone!


I trust you have been embracing the meaningful people in your life during this time of social uncertainty. 


It is interesting that the number one factor for a long and healthy life is social relationships, yet now a widespread “mood of doubt” lingers for many as they try to make sense of contradictory scientific pronouncements and their own internal common sense about things.  I feel that real health and happiness in a society is felt in the relational joy and celebrative nature across the many human activities and connections that flower over a diverse expression of individual potentials. 


In other words, health is a quality of pleasure, and not merely a sterile quantity of measure.


This is important to consider because the fascination with mathematical models has now “modeled” people into separateness in ways that are increasing every day. 


Furthermore, the natural brilliance of the whole-bodily-intelligent-functioning-immune-system is mostly ignored.  The public’s attention is being occupied by months and months of hyped speculation regarding long-outdated perspectives on immunity that only think “new drug/new vaccine”.  Surveillance, tracking, chipping, tracing, “distancing”, reporting, “complying”, “testing”, masking, “self-isolating”, “staying safe”, fear-of-germs, etc. etc. etc. are offered to you as a “new normal”. 


Do you warmly heart-embrace this paradigm as the framework for your future?  Does a “one-size-fits-all” narrative appeal to you?  Are you remembering or slowly forgetting that you have freedom to choose?


Long-before I even began my clinical practice more than 30 years ago, the old hypothesis of a “germ theory” had already been replaced by a broader and more modern scientific research base.  Every system in the body, functioning together as a unity, and in relationship with the social and environmental circumstance altogether, more accurately reflects the best scientific and long-proven traditional approaches to optimizing “immune” function. 


Merely “killing” and “avoiding” germs is now understood to be inefficient, narrow in scope, and detrimental to individual mind-body health and socio-economic structures.  Just look at the global scale of damage being caused by the ill-formed promotion of “winning” a “war” against an “invisible enemy”!


If anything, the repeated drugging and vaccination approach has only helped to create mutated and more resistant strains of these bugs which, if left on their own, always acclimate themselves to a symbiotic relationship within other biological processes (like a healthy human body).

Hasn’t more been learned – long ago – about science and humanity?  And really, are the most enlightened narratives and policies ones that change on almost a daily basis?   Does verifiable truth in science and revelatory human self-understanding result in “us-in-doubt-of-another”, and “many-in-doubt-of-the-future”?  Is that a sign of progress?


Do you notice that billions of people – young and old – have been “imprinted” into more fear-of-the-future, fear-of-another-bug, and a sense of passive helplessness that is waiting to be told when it will be OK to touch and breathe and move naturally once again…if ever?


To be sure, most people are mostly good enough and mostly smart enough.  If truth in science and freedom of choice and personal practice of health is supported, then more people feel more goodness and exercise more intelligence.  That is healthy!


When politics and policies overtake individual health, personal freedom, and unbiased exploration of verifiable truth, consensus becomes the remnant of what was once a whole and multi-varied life-expression across humanity.  When consensus fuels a system, that system can only sputter about with mundane force and produce an “average” product or outcome.  How many people do you know who are exactly “average”?  Which aspects of your living experience do you wish to be exactly “average”? 


How can a “consensus system” power humankind and the world altogether to greater health, personal freedom and realization of truth?  It can’t.  It has consented.  The input to any system determines its output.  Garbage in, garbage out.  Consensus in, consensus out.  Enormous progress, remarkable evolution, and stimulating growth are virtually denied in such a consensus system. 


Imagine your best physical, mental, emotional, “spiritual”, relational, cultural, and inspired moment of your past or possibility in your future.  Imagine a heart-moved and intimate response to a friend or family member who is suffering and reaching out for help.  Imagine a spontaneous shift in your plans to embrace a sudden new expression of your life’s purpose.  Imagine freely changing your point of view because you have learned something beyond the scope of your previous experience.  Imagine Unreasonable Happiness.  These things are, at best, only imaginable in a “consensus system”. 


You are an Inspired System! 


This is even literally so because The Power that Moves to Breathe you “waits” to fill whatever breath-requirement will be needed for your next physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or other life-processes that emerge in your personal response to people, places, and things in the world and beyond. 


You – as an Inspired System – require freedom to exhibit your potential with the highest expression of truth and health that you will.


Optimal health, personal freedom, and realizable truth cannot be supported within a consensus system due to its pre-determined requirement of consensus as its operational “command”.  Much like the current social/health “mood” that has stymied systems of business, entertainment, education, places of worship, and human relations, maximum personal health and maximum happiness is likewise stymied by the controlling input of consensus system goals.


So, why am I sharing all of this with you now? 


It isn’t for you to “believe” or think about.


You can likely feel what I’m talking about more than you might “get it” mentally.


How do things feel lately?






Unwaveringly truthful?


Bright and open future ahead?




something feels “off”…




We have closed our clinic at 112 Cedar Lake Road South Minneapolis.


From this point forward I will be offering my services via phone and/or video conferencing only.


I am inspired to be working in this manner.


I am not inspired to model fear-of-a-microbe within a repeatedly sterilized environment.


That would not be a demonstration of the best science for your optimum health!


A relaxed and happy, soundly science-supported, and peaceful healing-flavored sanctuary for self-growth should be free of unnecessary fear and “suspicion-of-another”.


Currently, the person-to-person public setting could expose people who are operating via their “Inspired System” to people who are feeling the need to adopt a “consensus system” operational mode.  Simply put, some may be uncomfortable with others who look or behave differently in the current social climate.


I respect the emotional commitment to whichever “mode” is one’s point of view.  This is why I am protecting clients – and the clinic itself – from a potential moment of uncertainty relative to “exposure” and “sanitizing” and “tracing” and foregoing care due to symptoms that could just be a cold or flu (which is actually a great time to see your healer/doctor:))!!!


I understand that many of my clients have confidence in their immune status and feel comfortable with natural human interactions.  Unfortunately, some of the “official” health policies regarding test results for a “virus” and potential subsequent “tracing” could result in you or I being removed from our normal family and business responsibilities in an untimely way.


I do not want this to happen to any of my patients (or myself).

Once we have tied everything up associated with closing the "brick and mortar" portion of our services, we will happily begin a new phase of healing work with those who are interested.

Your patience and understanding are very much appreciated!


I have worked remotely (via phone/video) for many years with clients around the world.  Any nutritional, bioenergetic, structural, or environmental issue can be addressed in a straightforward manner.  The educational component of this setting is much stronger (for example; you have a physical complaint, but can learn techniques to heal yourself, etc.)  In the coming months there will be systematized self-healing trainings for those who are interested (original work developed by Dr. Nokken).  


I feel this is a seamless way to ensure the greatest potential “inspirational context” during our sessions together. 


You will be free to choose the setting that feels safest and best for your particular situation. 


Another’s actions or presence in the public setting of our clinic will not be a factor to worry about down the road if you or someone else gets “sick”. 


You can be inspired to look and to act and to breathe freely during and after our sessions together!


And down the road,

When the news

Gets another “flu”

Remember The Light

Within you

Is The Light

In germs, too!

This isn't

Mere poetry,

Nor is it

A ruse,

It is

True Science,

Perennial Wisdom,







See you on the screen!  (or phone 🙂)




Michael and Jenny




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