A few words about ‘Technique" and “Modality”

I have been very lucky to be able to study with individuals who I feel to be among the world’s leading experts in the fields of energy medicine, advanced systems of kinesiology and healing in the most broad sense of the word. I have even been conducting my own research in these approaches to healing very actively since 1995.  Continuing my education in these realms is a natural and passionate endeavor for me.


So, as I have done - and continue to do - all of this study, what is it that you could gain from my particular obsession in this field?  Is there a “superior” healing technique I can “offer” you?  Is there a “best” modality now invented by science that, along as it is affordable, you should try to have done to you as often as possible?  Are there certain things that, for the purpose of healing, you definitely should or should not do? 


Rather than telling you that I have discovered “the secret best new thing” or that I have discovered that someone else has discovered “the secret best new thing”, I will tell you this:  If you put most of my teachers in the same room – with all of their clinical expertise, all of their research to support their school of thought, and all of their communication skills, and whatever else that makes them an “expert” or “pioneer” or “successful” in their respective fields – if you put them in the same room and asked them how to treat a particular patient (imagine that it is you!) you could expect a very heated debate! 


Throughout my post-graduate studies, I have often seen “scientifically proven” or “clinically proven” approaches to healing that completely defy the rules of other “scientifically proven” or “clinically proven” approaches to healing.  And yet, patients get better - even when a theory doesn’t account for it.  Of course, the reverse is also true: patients do not get better – even when the theory says they should get better. 


It has become very obvious to me that dogmatic adherence to one way of treating patients can be misleading; misleading to my patients and misleading to my natural sense of things in general.  It has also become obvious to me that the living dynamic force that moves one to ask for help or inspires one to offer help in relationship to some health matter is a dominant factor in any doctor/patient or therapist/client setting.


Our feeling sensitivity can be allowed to honestly assess the dynamic forces active in any healing circumstance.  If that is a primary and persistent activity, the doctor or therapist and the patient or client is released from concern about techniques, modalities, symptoms and cure.  When attention is freed from concern about techniques, modalities, symptoms and cure, we are naturally aligned with the underlying process of living dynamic force that has no “problem” with pain and is un-enamored by “breakthroughs” and endless “new discoveries”.   


This is how the doctor or therapist and the patient or client discovers the reality of natural healing presence.  In the sphere of natural healing presence, treatment modalities and techniques can be agents of miraculous potential that exceed the dogma surrounding the techniques and modalities themselves.