Insurance-Free Office

This is an office that is free of insurance agreements, policies and other guidelines arranged by third-party entities.  A primary reason for eliminating the third party from my working relationship with you is to insure that we are free to honestly assess your real situation as it pertains to getting healthier or staying healthy. 


The diagnosis and treatment parameters established by insurance agencies are generalizations.  These general parameters have some merit in the abstract, but are - practically speaking - fabrications if applied to individual health situations.  This is especially true if we wish to consider one’s health from the most personalized and holistic view possible. 


Another vital point is a "law of balance and accountability”.  In both the ancient healing traditions and modern healthcare circles, it is observed that a tangible and equal exchange between the caregiver and the client allows each to be “opened up” from withholding in their roles of giving and receiving.  Practically speaking, we all tend to more seriously consider or even “relish” a preferred service when it requires a similar level of preferred resources to be offered from ourselves. 


Obviously, there are some people willing to do whatever it takes to recover their health.  For these types, any door that opens to allow them to “enter the room” of healing is met with full participation on their part, regardless of who pays for care.  Others may hesitate to accept recommendations for healing that require lifestyle changes and personal responsiblity when the cost for care is coverd by an outside source.  


We take pride in the fact that our clinic has been insurance-free since 1989.  This is of great benefit for your doctor’s energy and inspiration!  The manageable overhead we enjoy by remaining insurance-free benefits your pocketbook too.